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If you would like to join the Great Rivers Confluence group we would appreciate your committement to our Partnership Agreement. Please fill out this Partnership Agreement Form and return it to one of our lead members at our next quarterly meeting.


Great Rivers Confluence Project Partners Agreement


Confluence Vision: Recognize and appreciate the confluence area of the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers and its people, places, and stories through connection, partnerships and recreational opportunities.


Confluence Mission: To foster partnerships and connections across national, state and local levels, and to create and articulate a common vision of education, conservation and recreation at the confluence area of the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers. This collaborative effort will work to increase recognition and appreciation of this area; enhance existing resources; acquire funding for education, conservation and recreation; and ensure that all people can enjoy these assets in the future.


Confluence Area: Creating an umbrella of influence over the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers confluence area—River Falls to Prescott Wi, over to Hastings and up to Afton MN—to primarily address: tourism; economic development; arts; history; nature; natural resources; trails; conservation and other important issues.


Partners: Membership includes representatives from: governmental units; non-profits; businesses; business organizations; schools/colleges; local, state and national parks; historical societies; arts organizations; birding and boating groups; private individuals; and others who share our vision and are willing to abide with this partnership agreement.


Partners will benefit from Membership in the Great Rivers Confluence Project as follows:


  • A listing on our website

  • Placement on our interactive area tourism/natural resources map.

  • The opportunity to educate other partners about your own assets.

  • Recognition that as an area we can create a destination that offers more than one community alone through coordinated tourism marketing and economic development—perhaps through area events calendars.

  • Public and partner educational opportunities through our Symposiums.

  • A clearinghouse function for up to date information and awareness of local issues from other partners, such as trail development, city and county marketing efforts; business opportunities; events and more.

  • The opportunity to network across state, county, city, and organizational boundaries.

  • Inclusion of partners with special issues.

  • Utilization of this network to engage in activities that protect and preserve our unique and beautiful natural resources.

Partner expectations


  • Commitment to the Confluence Project Mission and Vision.

  • Regular attendance at meetings and recruitment of new partners.

  • An open exchange of information with support for each other’s work.

  • An expectation that information learned through the Project will be shared “at home” with local organizations and local constituents.

  • An expectation that information from your “home” organization will be shared with partners.

  • Promotion of Confluence Project events.

  • Promotion of Partner organization events.

  • Contribution of volunteer or work time and funds—however possible—for each partner.

  • All minutes and communications will be sent on Logo letterhead.

Organizational Process


  • General members will be part of a computer list and notified of meetings and events

  • Meetings will be held every three months on the second Tuesday of the month (four times per year) approximately February, May, August and November.

  • In February there will be an annual meeting. At that meeting we’ll elect officers—chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Sub committees will be organized as needed and/or suggested by one of our partners.

  • A Symposium committee will be established for each new Symposium.

If you have immediate questions, please email Israel Haas at to learn more about this wonderful opportunity!

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