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Our Map

One of our first tasks was to create an on-line, interactive, easily accessible map of the confluence area. We wanted visitors to be able with a couple of key strokes to see the appeal and beauty of the confluence area. A map of this type was not previously available because of the cross jurisdictional aspect of the area—two states, three counties. People can now access our new map through our website. Your first view is a topography correct overview. As a person zooms in, several map layers become available. The layers are:



A potential visitor could easily identify a canoe river trail, learn about a historic court house, find a dinner place and reserve a bed and breakfast room—all on one site



There are many fantastic recreational opportunities along the Great Rivers Confluence like biking, hiking, boating, bird watching, and much more. Whether you make it a day trip or a long weekend, you’re sure to have many things to do for your whole family to enjoy!


Click here to visit our interactive map and find the many recreational sites for your next trip.


After a long day of recreation, shopping, dining, and site seeing, put your feet up at one of the many lodging options along the Great Rivers Confluence. Stay in a warm and friendly Bed and Breakfast, or in any of our motels.


Click here to visit our interactive map and find the many options for lodging.

Cultural Experiences


The Great Rivers Confluences hosts a large variety of cultural experiences for all to enjoy. We offer numerous historical markers and walking tours, art galleries and fairs, shopping in historic homes, live outdoor music and superior theatre.


Click here to visit our interactive map and search through the vast numbers of culture experiences on the Great Rivers Confluence.



The Great Rivers Confluence is home to thousands of outstanding species. Take a day to explore the nature of wildlife from land, water, and air, as well as the breathtaking landscape of riverway, National Parks, and dramatic bluffs.


Click here to visit our interactive map to find markers for terrific spots to take in our landscape and wildlife.



The Great Rivers Confluence map also offers many other services in our area. In the case you need assitance, our map will point you in the best direction to find our area clinics and hospitals, chamber offices, parks and trail, and other civic services.


Click here to see the number of services along the Great Rivers Confluence.

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