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This special and unique region is filled with diverse natural, cultural and historic resource riches that are the source of the best there is to see and do in the area.


Scientific Natural Areas feature our native plants and wildlife, ready for up close viewing. Try our trails that take you through woodland, prairie and forest. Birding, fishing, native plant communities, fresh water mussels, boating and hiking are all part of the experience of our special natural resources.

River cleanups and protecting water quality are important for each community. For example, River Falls has received national awards for its storm water practices and ordinances.


Preserving our cultural heritage is an important value for each community. Did you know Hastings has over 63 buildings on the National Historic Register? Each river city has walking tours of their heritage sites and downtowns.


Protecting and preserving our resources are important to our river communities. From cleanups, land protection efforts, beautification, and other efforts, we are proud of our local stewardship efforts. We hope you will join us, whether it is through keeping our streets and parks free of litter, joining us in a river cleanup, or helping us preserve our local heritage and culture.

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